Glen Shiel With Music On Visit To The North West Highlands Of Scotland

Tour Scotland travel video, with Scottish music, of Glen Shiel, Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Seile; also known as Glenshiel, on ancestry visit to the North West Highlands. The Battle of Glen Shiel took place on 10 June 1719 midway up the glen. It was fought between the British government and an alliance of Jacobites and Spaniards, and resulted in a victory for the British forces. It was the last close engagement of British and foreign troops on mainland British soil. The battle is sometimes considered an extension of the 1715 rising, but is more correctly a separate rebellion and was the only rising to be extinguished by a single military action. Mountains here include The Saddle, Scottish Gaelic: An D├Čollaid, one of the great Scottish mountains. The mountain's name refers to the shape of the summit ridge when seen from Glen Shiel with the twin summits and ridge in between resembling a saddle. The mountain was originally known by its Gaelic name of An D├Čollaid but this has now been lost through common usage of its English translation and it is now one of the few mountains in highland Scotland with an English name All photographs are copyright of Sandy Stevenson, Tour Scotland, and may not be used without permission.

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