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Tour Scotland video of old photographs of Kirkpatrick Durham, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. This village is located 6 miles north of Castle Douglas. The village was developed in the late 18th century as a handloom weaving centre, within the existing parish of the same name. The present church was built in 1850 by Dumfries based architect Walter Newall. In the 19th century the minister here was nominally the Reverend George Duncan. Isabelle Wight Duncan was his wife and mother to nine of their children. In 1860 she published a book that went up against the Origin of the Species. Her book reconciled the emeerging geological discoveries with the stories of Genesis.

Clan Kirkpatrick is a Lowland Scottish clan. The clan is recognised by the Court of the Lord Lyon, however the clan does not currently have a chief so recognised. The clan takes its name from the church of Saint Patrick in the parish of Closeburn in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. The first record of the clan is in the 12th century, when Ivone de Kirkpatrick was listed as a witness in a charter of the Bruce family. Later, King Alexander II confirmed by charter the lands of the same Ivone. Roger Kirkpatrick was an attendant to Robert Bruce during the time when Bruce murdered Red Comyn. Kirkpatrick legend has it that the chiefly motto is derived from Bruce's killing of Comyn. When Bruce fled from the church after stabbing Comyn, Kirkpatrick drew his sword shouting, I'LL MAKE SICCAR, where he finished off the wounded Comyn. In 1314 the Kirkpatricks were rewarded the lands of Redburgh. Later in 1355, Sir Roger Kirkpatrick took Caerlaverock Castle and Dalwinston Castle from English forces. In 1357, Sir Robert Kirkpatrick was murdered by Sir James Lindsay in a private argument. The title passed from Roger to his Nephew, Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick, who had a charter for the lands of Closeburn and Redburgh from Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany in 1409. Much later, in 1542, Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick was captured at the Battle of Solway Moss. The estate then passed to a cousin. In 1685 Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick of Closeburn was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia. The Kirkpatrick estate of Closeburn was finally sold by the 4th baronet, Sir James Kirkpatrick.

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