Spring Road Trip Drive With Music On History Visit To Forteviot Strathearn Perthshire Scotland

Tour Scotland 4K Spring Easter Holiday Weekend travel video of part of a road trip drive, with Scottish bagpipes music, West on the B935 route on ancestry, genealogy, family history visit to Forteviot, Scottish Gaelic: Fothair Tabhaicht, in Strathearn, Perthshire, Britain, United Kingdom. Forteviot was the Pictish royal centre in the mid ninth century AD, and became the regional ceremonial centre for the Picts from as early as the eighth century. Forteviot was the seat of Cinaed mac Aipin, Kenneth, son of Alpin, who ruled Southern Pictland. Kenneth MacAlpin’s ancestors went on to rule the kingdom until the 11th century, overseeing areas such as modern day Angus, Fife and Perthshire, which formed the core of the Pictish lands. The present village was rebuilt in the 1920s by John Alexander Dewar, 1st Baron Forteviot of the Dewar's whisky family. The people known in ancient Scotland as the Picts were the forefathers of the Dewar family. It is a name for a pilgrim from the Gaelic word deoradh. The deoradh kept the relics of saints. The family have been the hereditary custodians of St. Fillan's Crozier. The surname Dewar was first found in Perthshire, Gaelic: Siorrachd Pheairt, former county in the present day Council Area of Perth and Kinross, located in central Scotland. Dewarton is a village, in the parish of Borthwick, county of Edinburgh. It is here that the Dewar family have held the estate of Vogrie since early times. Dewar has been written as Dewar, Dure, Dewyer, Dewer, McIndeor, McJarrow and many more. A branch of the Clan Dewar, the Dewars of Cambuskenneth were established by at least the 17th century, although Dewars are recorded in nearby Stirling, which was a Royal Burgh, from as early as 1483. John Dewar, son of Patrick Dewar of Cambuskenneth was fined £50 in 1710 for causing blood and riot. A derivation of the name in Scottish Gaelic is Deoradh which means pilgrim. The most distinguished of five Highland families by the name Dewar were the Dewar Coigerachs who were custodians of the Staff of St Fillan. The staff was carried at the Battle of Bannockburn in support of Robert the Bruce in 1314. The date for astronomical spring is Sunday 20th March, ending on Tuesday 21st June, while by the meteorological calendar, spring will start on Tuesday 1st March. Of interest to folks with ancestry, genealogy or Scottish Family Roots in Scotland who may wish to visit one day. When driving in Scotland slow down and enjoy the trip All photographs are copyright of Sandy Stevenson, Tour Scotland, and may not be used without permission.

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