Skull Of Robert the Bruce With Music On History Visit To Abbey Church Dunfermline Fife Scotland

Tour Scotland 4K short 4K Spring Easter Holiday Weekend travel video clip, with Scottish music, of the cast of the skull of King Robert the Bruce on ancestry, genealogy, family history visit and trip to the Abbey Church in Dunfermline, Fife, Britain, United Kingdom. The rosewood box with brass inlay holds a plaster cast of the skull of King Robert I, born 1306, died 1329. Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick, was originally a supporter of the English King, Edward I, before changing his allegiance to the Scots. After murdering his close rival, John Comyn, in 1306, he claimed the Scottish throne as the great-great-grandson of David I and, despite opposition, he was crowned at Scone by Perth, Perthshire. To achieve independence for Scotland, at the same time as fighting his Scottish enemies, he proceeded to remove the English from Scottish castles and garrisons, until by 1314 only Stirling held out. The ensuing battle at Bannockburn led to Bruce's decisive victory against the English. Bruce's army continued to harass the English until Edward III, in 1328, was forced to acknowledge his sovereignty and his heirs as kings of Scotland. After his death in 1329 the body of Robert I was interred at Dunfermline Abbey where it lay until the Abbey's Great Tower collapsed in 1818. The site was cleared prior to rebuilding and many tombs were uncovered, including that of Bruce, whose tomb was opened. His remains were examined and measured and a plaster cast of the skull was made by William Scoular. Bruce's body was re-interred at Dunfermline Abbey in 1819 amid great scenes of national fervour. The stand is inscribed: Cast in plaster by William Scoular in 1819. Interred 1329. Re-interred 1819. Of interest to folks with ancestry, genealogy or Scottish Family Roots in Scotland who may wish to visit one day. Find things to see and do in Scotland where you are always welcome All photographs are copyright of Sandy Stevenson, Tour Scotland, and may not be used without permission.

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