Parish Church And Graveyard With Music At Kirkton of Airlie On History Visit To Angus Scotland

Tour Scotland 4K Spring travel video of the parish church and graveyard on visit to Airlie in Angus Region. Airlie Parish Church is located on a natural rising, opposite a row of farmer’s cottages and a stream, in a rural setting. Alongside is a large, walled burial ground with a few gravestones within. The church is aligned east-west and sits within a sub-rectangular graveyard that is older than the current church, which largely dates to 1783. A number of earlier church buildings are associated with this site, including one dedicated to St Medan by Bishop de Bernham in 1242 and one built in 1603. At the entrance to the church grounds is an early 19th century stone-built rectangular hearse house, which is extant but redundant. Just to the south-west of the church, in the graveyard, is an old minister's burial aisle, which predates the current church building. It was used to bury ministers and other notable local figures and has some impressive stone carved figures and inscriptions, likely derived from an earlier church on the site). Within the garden of the church's manse is a carved stone statue of St Medan. There are no visible remains of the medieval parish church of Airlie which stood in the burial ground at Kirton of Airlie. The present church was built in the late 18th century with additions in 1893, replacing a church probably built around 1603. David Ogilvy, 13th Earl of Airlie is the present Chief of Clan Ogilvie and served as Lord Chamberlain to the Queen. The surname Airlie was first found in Somerset, England, where one of the first records of the name was John de Earlea in 1162. The name Airlie is of Anglo Saxon origin. It was name for a male who was of manly character. The surname Airlie originally derived from the Old English word Eorlic which referred to one who displayed manly characteristics. Parish ministers at Airlie have included; Andrew Ogilvie from 1567 to 1589, William Malcolm from 1590 to 1636, John Malcolm from 1637 to 1646, John Robertson from 1650 to 1662, John Lyon from 1663 to 1681, Frederick Lyon from 1682 to 1699, William Lyon of Wester Ogil from 1700 to 1743, David Thomson from 1743 to 1779, James Stormonth of Kinclune from 1780 to 1809, Robert Aikman from 1810 to 1832, David White from 1833 to 1843, Thomas Reid from 1843 to 1889, William Wilson from 1890 to 1931. Of interest to folks with ancestry, genealogy or Scottish Family Roots in Scotland who may wish to visit one day. The date for astronomical Spring is 20th March, ending on 21st June, while by the meteorological calendar, Spring starts on 1st March. Find things to see and do in Scotland where you are always welcome. All photographs are copyright of Sandy Stevenson, Tour Scotland, and may not be used without permission.

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