Autumn Road Trip Drive From Milnathort On M90 Motorway To Visit Perth Perthshire Scotland

Tour Scotland early Autumn travel video of a road trip drive, with Scottish accordion music, from the the small Scottish town of Milnathort, North on the M90 Motorway all to way to visit the city centre of Perth, Perthshire. Milnathort is situated at a crossroads, the form of the settlement is closely linked to the development of turnpike roads in the early 19th century. The M90 connects Edinburgh, via the Queensferry Crossing, to Perth and the north and north east of Scotland. The motorway first opened in 1964. As you move from the slip road on the junction towards the motorway itself, use your right indicator to make it clear to other road users that you intend to merge with motorway traffic. Try to match your speed with that of the left hand lane traffic, then identify a suitable gap before merging. It's very important that you do not slow down dramatically or come to a halt as you approach the end of the slip road. When driving in Scotland, slow down and enjoy the trip. All photographs are copyright of Sandy Stevenson, Tour Scotland, and may not be used without permission.

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