Suilven Mountain On Visit To Inverpolly In The North West Highlands Of Scotland

Tour Scotland Summer travel video, with Scottish music, of Suilven mountain on ancestry, genealogy, history visit to Inverpolly in the North West Highlands. Suilven, Scottish Gaelic: SÚilebheinn is located in a remote area in the west of Sutherland, it rises from a wilderness landscape of moorland, bogs, and lochans known as Inverpolly National Nature Reserve. Suilven forms a steep sided ridge some 1. 2 miles in length. The highest point, Caisteal Liath, meaning Grey Castle in Scottish Gaelic, lies at the northwest end of this ridge. There are two other summits: Meall Meadhonach, meaning Middle Round Hill at the central point of the ridge is 2,372 feet high, whilst Meall Beag meaning Little Round Hill lies at the south eastern end. Suilven is formed of Torridonian sandstone, sitting on a landscape of Lewisian gneiss. The surrounding rocks were eroded during an episode of glaciation. Suilven was covered by the last British and Irish Ice Sheet All photographs are copyright of Sandy Stevenson, Tour Scotland, and may not be used without permission.

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