Tour Scotland Travel Video Road Trip Drive A855 Road To An Corran North East Coast Isle Of Skye Inner Hebrides

Tour Scotland travel video of a road trip drive North on the A855 mostly single track road on ancestry visit to An Corran on the North East Coast of the Isle Of Skye, inner Hebrides, Scotland. By the rock shore here at the end of the video, a local resident found a slab bearing a dinosaur track, probably made by a small ornithopod. Experts subsequently found more dinosaur prints of up to 50 cm, the largest found in Scotland, made by a creature similar to Megalosaurus. At about 160 million years old they are the youngest dinosaur remains to be found in Scotland. A Mesolithic hunter gatherer site dating to the 7th millennium BC at An Corran is one of the oldest archaeological sites in Scotland. Its occupation is probably linked to that of the rock shelter at Sand, Applecross on the coast of Wester Ross in the Highlands.

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