Tour Scotland Travel Video Summer Road Trip Drive On A977 And Alloa Roads To Clackmannan

Tour Scotland Summer travel video of a road trip drive West on the A977 road and Alloa road through Kennet on ancestry visit to Clackmannan in Clackmannanshire, Scotland. The A977 connects the M90 motorway at Kinross, Perthshire to Kincardine Bridge in Fife. The A977 road passes through several villages and hamlets on its route; including Forestmill, Blairingone, Powmill, Crook of Devon,. Clackmannan; Scottish Gaelic: Clach Mhanainn, perhaps meaning " Stone of Manau ". During the 12th century, the area formed part of the lands controlled by the abbots of Cambuskenneth. Later it became associated with the Bruce family. A crater on asteroid 253 Mathilde is named after Clackmannan. Because Mathilde is a dark, carbonaceous body, its craters have been named after famous coalfields from across the world. The Clackmannan Group is the name given to a suite of rocks of late Dinantian and Namurian age laid down during the Carboniferous period in the Midland Valley of Scotland.

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