Old Travel Blog Photograph Sarah Ruff McKean Glasgow Scotland

Old travel Blog photograph of Sarah Ruff McKean from Glasgow, Scotland. The McKean surname is recorded in many spellings including MacIan, MacAne, MacEan, MacCane, MacKean, MacKeand, MacKaine, MacKane, and short forms commencing " Mc " as well as many without a Mac or Mc prefix at all, and is a Gaelic Scottish clan surname which is also widely recorded in Ireland. It originates from the pre 13th century Mac Iain, meaning " The son of John ". The personal name in its various forms such as Ian, Iain, Sean and Shaun, is more popular in the Highlands than even Donald or Donal. The MacIans of Arnamurchan originate from Eoin, the son of Angus Mor, lord of the Isles in the 11th century, with Sir Donald MacIan paying homage to the Government of Scotland in 1296. Other recordings include Nigel McCane of Island of Islay in 1506, Robert McKeane, recorded as being a citizen of Edinburgh in 1661, and Robert M'Keand, the burgess of Kircudbright in 1682. Blog post of interest to folks with ancestry, genealogy or Scottish Family Roots in Scotland who may wish to travel and visit one day.

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