Old Travel Blog Photograph Catherine Elizabeth Nicol Glasgow Scotland

Old travel Blog photograph of Catherine Elizabeth Nicol from Glasgow, Scotland. The surname Nicol, also Nicoll and Nicholl, is early medieval English and Scottish. Introduced into Europe by Crusader knights during the 12th century, it ultimately derives from the male given name Nicol, a short form of Nicholas, and ultimately from the Greek Nikolaos. Ii 1296 Maucolum fiz Nicol of Scotland rendered homage to the king of England. Notable bearers of the name were John Pringle Nichol, regius professor of astronomy at Glasgow University, 1836, and his son, John Nichol who was appointed professor of English language and literature at Glasgow, by Queen Victoria. Blog post of interest to folks with ancestry, genealogy or Scottish Family Roots in Scotland who may wish to travel and visit one day.

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