Tour Scotland Video Of Old Photographs Of Cambuslang

Tour Scotland video of old photographs of Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. This Scottish town is located on the south eastern outskirts of Glasgow. Because of its relative prosperity, Cambuslang has been intimately concerned in the politics of the country, through the Duke of Hamilton connection, and of the local Church. Bishop John Cameron of Glasgow, the Scottish King's first minister, and Cardinal Beaton, a later first minister, were both Rectors of Cambuslang. This importance continued following the Protestant Reformation. From then until the Glorious Revolution a stream of Ministers of Cambuslang came, were expelled, or were re-instated, according to whether supporters of the King, Covenanters, or Oliver Cromwell were in power. The religious movements of the 18th century, including the Cambuslang Wark, were directly linked to similar movements in North America. The Scottish Enlightenment was well represented in the person of Rev Dr James Meek, the Minister. His troubles with his parishioners foreshadowed the split in the Church of Scotland during the 19th century. The manufacturing industries that grew up from the agricultural and mineral resources attracted immigrants from all over Scotland and Ireland and other European countries.

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