Tour Scotland Video Jam And Scones Lindores Abbey Whisky Distillery Newburgh Fife

Tour Scotland video of delicious jam and Scones on visit to Lindores Abbey Whisky Distillery in Newburgh, Fife, Scotland. If it is a light lunch or a nice cup of tea and a scone Lindores welcomes everyone. British scones are often lightly sweetened, but may also be savoury. They frequently include raisins, currants, cheese or dates. In Scotland and Ulster, savoury varieties of scone include soda scones, also known as soda farls, and potato scones, normally known as tattie scones, which resemble small, thin savoury pancakes made with potato flour. Potato scones are most commonly served fried in a full Scottish breakfast. The griddle scone, or girdle scone in Scots, is a variety of scone which is cooked on a griddle, or girdle, on the stove top rather than baked in the oven. This usage is also common in New Zealand where scones of all varieties form an important part of traditional colonial New Zealand cuisine.

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