Tour Scotland Video BothWell Castle South East Glasgow

Tour Scotland video of BothWell Castle above a bend in the River Clyde in South Lanarkshire between Bothwell and Uddingston, about 10 miles South East of Glasgow, Scotland. Construction of the castle was begun in the 13th century by the ancestors of Clan Murray, to guard a strategic crossing point of the Clyde. Bothwell played a key role in Scotland's Wars of Independence, changing hands several times. Following Robert the Bruce's victory at Bannockburn in 1314, the castle provided shelter for several English nobles. However, the castle's constable, Sir Walter FitzGilbert, surrendered the castle to the approaching Scots. n 1336 the English returned again, this time under King Edward III. The English king had the castle repaired, and again made it his headquarters in Scotland. The following year, however, Sir Andrew Murray, nephew of Sir William and the rightful owner of Bothwell, recaptured the stronghold, again using siege engines.

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