Friday, 5 August 2016

Tour Scotland Video Hunter Horse And Rider Agricultural Show Perth Perthshire

Tour Scotland video of a Hunter Horse and Rider on ancestry visit to the agricultural show in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland. The original meaning of the term 'hunter' when referring to horses and ponies meant a horse or pony which had all of the requisite traits to make them suitable for hunting animals such as stags or foxes with hounds. Factors including hardiness, conformation, temperament and endurance were all important for mounted hunting, with hunts often beginning in the early morning and carrying on all day until sundown. Horses used for hunting were required to be able to manage well in cold weathers, be extremely fit, able to gallop and take fences with ease, and able to produce a fair turn of speed from a relatively sudden start, as well as being capable of maintain a steady pace at canter or gallop for prolonged periods of time.

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