Tour Scotland Travel Video Beautiful Winter Road Trip Drive On B827 To Comrie Perthshire

Tour Scotland travel video Blog of a sunny and beautiful Winter road trip drive, with music, North on the B827 road through Braco on ancestry visit to Comrie in the Southern Highlands of Perthshire, Scotland. The road starts on the old military road just north of Braco, amongst the Roman camps and forts that sit in the hills here, and head west up the valley of the River Knaik. At first, the river is not visible, but after a few bends and the first few farms are passed, the landscape opens up and the river can be seen in the valley below. The road tightly hugs the contours curving in and out around tributary streams, and then running past a forestry plantation where a small parking area offers a viewpoint. The road reaches the headwaters of the River Knaik, and the gradient, which was not really steep, levels off as we curve round to the north. Suddenly the landscape closes in on this little road, and the descent begins, with sharp bends under trees. It is a shame that the road demands so much attention, as the view northwards to the hills and mountains of the Highlands is breathtaking. The road then levels out and curves gently round the hill, before plunging down through more trees and past a few farms. The road then runs to Dalginross Bridge across the River Earn, to the little town of Comrie. Located on the Highland Boundary Fault, the village of Comrie experiences more earth tremors than anywhere else in Britain. It is twinned with Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada.

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