Tour Scotland Video Howff Burial Ground Dundee

Tour Scotland video of the Howff Burial Ground on ancestry visit to Dundee, Scotland. The land of the burial ground was part of the Franciscan Greyfriars Monastery until the Scottish Reformation. In 1564 Mary, Queen of Scots granted the land to the burgh of Dundee, for use as a burial ground. It was used for meetings by the Dundee Incorporated Trades, and subsequently became known as The Howff, from the Scots word howff meaning a meeting place. Meetings at The Howff ceased in 1776. The last burial took place in 1857. The walls along the west side date from 1601. Video includes; David Tosh, Boatman, gravestone, Margaret Duncan gravestone, William Clark, Jailor, gravestone, George Murdoch, Maltman, gravestone, John Sim, Shipmaster, gravestone, Robert Ramsay, Brewer, gravestone, Joseph Slider, gravestone, painter in Dundee, in memory of his brother William Slider who died on the 5th of July, 1815, aged 21. The above mentioned Joseph Slider who died 29th of February, 1819, aged 32, James Chalmers, Bookseller, gravestone, Charles Miller, Brewer, gravestone, William Taylor, Merchant, gravestone, Thomas Nicoll, Brewer, gravestone, Patrick Brown, Merchant, gravestone, William Deuchars, Shipmaster, gravestone.

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