Tour Scotland Video Coastal Path Walkers Elie Ness Lighthouse East Neuk Of Fife

Tour Scotland video of Coastal Path walkers by Elie Ness lighthouse on ancestry visit to the coast of Elie, East Neuk of Fife, Scotland. Elie lighthouse was built by the renowned David Stevenson in 1908. The top of the tower and outbuilding are of a crenulated design more akin to castle than a lighthouse. David Stevenson was the son of engineer Robert Stevenson, and brother of the lighthouse engineers Alan and Thomas Stevenson, between 1854 and 1880 he designed many lighthouses, all with his brother Thomas. In addition he helped Richard Henry Brunton design lighthouses for Japan, inventing a novel method for allowing them to withstand earthquakes. His sons David Alan Stevenson and Charles Alexander Stevenson continued his work after his death, building nearly thirty further lighthouses. His nephew was Robert Louis Stevenson. The Fife Coastal Path runs from the Forth Estuary in the south, to the Tay Estuary in the north and stretches for 117 miles.

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