Tour Scotland Video The Isle of May Outer Firth of Forth

Tour Scotland video of the Isle of May on boat trip to the Outer Firth of Forth, Fife, Scotland.. The May Isle has long been a focal point of the nearby fishing communities. Annually, the wives and children of the small village of Cellardyke were taken to the May Isle for a picnic by the fishermen. On 1 July 1837 one such trip turned to tragedy when one of the small row boats used to transport them to Kirkhaven harbour overturned leading to the loss of 13 lives. A proper lighthouse was built on the island in 1816 by Robert Stevenson. During the height of the breeding season, over 200,000 seabirds nest on the island, including puffins, black-legged kittiwakes, razorbills, guillemots, shags, fulmars, oystercatchers, eider ducks, and various species of tern and gull.

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