Old Photograph Panning For Gold Tyndrum Scotland

Old photograph of a man panning for gold near Tyndrum located South of Glencoe, Scotland. The earliest known record of mining in this area was in 1424. Mined for precious metals rather than lead, the mines supplied King James I with silver. On 30 May 1730, Sir Robert Clifton signed a thirty-eight year lease with the Earl of Breadalbane to mine any metals that he could discover on the earl's estate. In 1740, he discovered lead and established Tyndrum Mine the following year. Bad debts, however, led to his imprisonment in 1745, and he gave up his lease. Later in the 18th century, the Scots Mining Company operated the mine and built a smelting works nearby to turn the mined lead ore, called galena, into metal. Mining for lead, silver and gold continued at various times into the 20th century, but with limited success, however, gold mining continues in the area today.

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