Old Photograph Panbride House Scotland

Old photograph of Panbride House located North East of Carnoustie, Scotland. The first recorded owners of the Barony of Panbride was the Morham family, whose ancestral name was Malherbe. They are first mentioned in relation to Panbride in the registers of Arbroath Abbey in a charter of John Morham made in the mid 13th century. It is thought that they had possession of the land until 1309 when King Robert I conferred the land to his Brother in Law, Alexander Fraser, Lord Chamberlain of Scotland. Fraser died at the Battle of Dupplin Moor in 1332 and it is thought that King David II conferred the barony to the Boyce family in 1341. The lands of Panbride were fragmented and passed through a number of hands from that point, and were gradually acquired by the Carnegie family, later to become the Earls of Northesk, in the 16th century. The lands were forfeited following the Jacobite rebellion but were bought back by James Carnegie in 1764. Carnegie used the lands to purchase lands near his main estate and the barony of Panbride passed to William Maule, linking Panbride with Panmure. Between the census years of 1801 and 1831, the parish's population fell by some 20% from 1583 to 1268, due largely to the removal of several villages in the name of Agricultural improvement.

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