Friday, 3 February 2017

Tour Scotland Video Stoats Porridge City Centre Perth Perthshire

Tour Scotland video of Stoats Porridge on a visit to the City Centre in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland. Porridge producer Stoats was founded by two Scots Tony Stone and Bob Arnott. Their original vision was to sell porridge in the centre of Edinburgh in a large café bar. Stone and Arnott recognised that it would be difficult to fund this venture, but undeterred and with help from the The Prince's Trust, they set off to provide hot food to UK music festivals and farmers' markets in a converted hot dog cart named the Stoats Porridge Bar. The Edinburgh food company progressed from the porridge trailer to marketing porridge oat bars, as the bars had become popular in Scotland. Stoats now sell a range of oat based products including porridge, quick porridge, porridge oat bars and oatcakes.

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