Tour Scotland Video Thomas Laing Cork Cutter Gravestone Old Kirk Graveyard Kirkcaldy Fife

Tour Scotland video of the Thomas Laing, Cork Cutter, gravestone in the Old Kirk cemetery on ancestry visit to Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland. In memory of George Laing, his father, who died 11th February 1849 aged 68 years, Robert, his son, who died 6th June 1859 aged 4 years, and Elizabeth, his daughter, who died 26th February, aged 3 months, Walter, his son, died 28th December 1862 aged 5 weeks, Janet Dryburgh, his mother, died 29th July 1881 aged 91 years, also Thomas Laing, died 19th July 1907, aged 84 years, Jessie Bonelli. his wife, died 26th August 1913, In her 91st year.

Laing is a Scottish surname, commonly found in countries settled by Scots, such as Canada, America and New Zealand. It is a descriptive surname, cognate with the English surname Long, meaning " tall ". Notable people with the surname include:

Alex Laing, New Zealand footballer
Alexander Gordon Laing, Scottish explorer
Andrew Laing, New Zealand actor
Arthur Laing, Canadian politician
Bert Laing, New Zealand rugby league footballer
Bobby Laing, Scottish footballer
Bonnie Laing, Canadian politician
Brent Laing, Canadian curler
C. J. Laing, American pornographic actress
Corky Laing (Laurence Gordon Laing), Canadian musician
Dan Laing, American sports commentator
David Laing (Scottish antiquary)
David Laing (19th century architect)
Davie Laing, Scottish footballer
Dilys Laing, Welsh-American poet
Duncan Laing, New Zealand swimming coach
Eleanor Laing, British politician
Gerald Laing, Scottish artist
Gordon Laing, a British classical bassoonist
Gordon Jennings Laing, Canadian-American academic
Hector Laing, Baron Laing of Dunphail
Hugh Laing, British ballet dancer
Ivan Laing, Scottish hockey player
James Laing (cricketer), cricket umpire
John Laing (businessman), English businessman
John Laing (bishop), Scottish bishop
John Laing (footballer)
Kerri Laing, South African women's cricketer
Kirby Laing, English businessman
Kirkland Laing, Jamaican-English boxer
Laing Family
Leslie Laing, Jamaican athlete
Malcolm Laing, Scottish historian
Marie Laing, Canadian politician
Martin Laing, English businessman
Martin Laing (production designer), film production designer
Maureen Laing, American founder of the Young Artist Awards
Maurice Laing, English businessman
Michael Laing, South African chemist
Quintin Laing, professional ice hockey player
Robbie Laing, American basketball coach
Robert W. Laing, American film art director
Ronald David Laing, noted psychiatrist
Roy Laing, Australian rules footballer
Samuel Laing (science writer) (1812-1897)
Samuel Laing (travel writer) (1780-1868)
Sandra Laing, South African cause célèbre
Shona Laing, New Zealand musician
Stuart Laing, English actor
Stuart Laing (diplomat), British diplomat
Tony Laing (boxer), Jamaican/British boxer of the 1970s and '80s
William Laing, American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient

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