Tour Scotland Video Charles Melville Schoolmaster Gravestone Old Kirk Graveyard Kirkcaldy Fife

Tour Scotland video of the Charles Melville, Schoolmaster, gravestone in the Old Kirk cemetery on ancestry visit to Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland. In memory of Janet McIntosh, his mother who died 31 May 1851 aged 88 years, of Isabella Nairn, his spouse, who died 2 October 1822 aged 60. Here is also buried the said Charles Melville who died 12 September 1855 aged 79 years, also his son, the Reverend Charles N B Melville, Minister of the Parish of Maryculter, Kincardineshire, born 1 November 1835, died in Liverpool on Christmas Day 1875. HIS SUN HATH GONE DOWN WHILE IT WAS YET DAY.

The surname Melville has two different origins: Scottish and Irish. In Scotland, the name is a habitational name, originally of Norman origin, derived from any of several places called Malleville in Normandy. In Ireland, the surname is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic Ă“ MaoilmhichĂ­l, which means descendant of Maoilmhichil. The Gaelic personal name Maoilmhichil means, devotee of Saint Michael. The given name originates from England and Scotland. The name is derived from the Scottish surname. It is also the name of a Scottish noble family.

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