Tour Scotland Video Ruthven Barracks near Ruthven in Badenoch

Tour Scotland wee video of photographs of Ruthven Barracks near Ruthven on ancestry, genealogy visit to Badenochand and Strathspey near Kingussie, Scotland. The barracks at Ruthven were completed in 1721. The barracks accommodated 120 troops and 28 horses for dragoons. In August 1745 a unit of 12 British soldiers, commanded by a Sergeant Terrence Molloy of the 6th Regiment of Foot, defended the barracks against 200 Jacobites and lost just one man. The following year Molloy surrendered to a larger force of Jacobites, commanded by John Gordon of Glenbucket. On the day after the Battle of Culloden in 1746, some 3,000 Jacobites retreated to Fort Ruthven but they were sent home by Prince Charles Edward Stuart as their situation was hopeless. The departing Jacobites destroyed the barracks on 17 April 1746.. The remnants remain.

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